Trustmark The guarantee of Trusted Shops

Shop safely online at this eshop thanks to the Trusted Shops seal of quality and money-back guarantee. Just one click immediately after placing an order is enough to insure your current and future purchases free of charge in shops with the Trusted Shops seal of quality up to an amount of € 2,500. The cover period for each purchase is 30 days.

The conditions of guarantee and participation.

Trustmark  This eshop is certified. What does that mean?

When you buy online, you do not have personal contact with the seller and do not have the opportunity to touch the product or try it on. So that you can order without worries, the Trusted Shops seal of quality indicates that an online shop is worthy of your trust and offers excellent service.

Below are the quality criteria which we underwent to obtain the seal of quality:

1. Company identity and availability
The actual identity of the company is guaranteed. In the online shop, the identity of the company is indicated in an easily findable and transparent manner. It is made possible to contact the online shop quickly and easily.
2. Protection and security of personal data
The user is informed about the use of personal data in a comprehensible manner. The online shop adequately protects the customer's personal data against misuse. In particular, it should be emphasised that the transmission of sensitive payment information (bank details, credit card data) as well as personal data is exclusively encrypted.
3. Withdrawal
The consumer shall be informed about the right of withdrawal and possible exceptions.
4. Products on offer
The products offered as well as the texts and illustrations do not violate the legal regulations and/or the exclusion catalogue of Trusted Shops regarding non-certifiable offers.
In the online shop, it is clearly indicated when an offer is aimed exclusively at companies and/or persons engaged in a liberal profession.
5. Prices and costs
The prices indicated for the products on offer are transparent for the consumer and include VAT and other price components.
The shipping costs for any specific order as well as for additional paid services shall be indicated at the latest during the order process.
6. Delivery
Prior to the placing of the order, all information regarding the dates of delivery of the product or performance of the service shall be presented in a transparent and non-contradictory manner.
7. Order process
On the order page, the products ordered, the respective prices, the duration of subscriptions if applicable, as well as the shipping costs and other costs associated with the order are displayed in a transparent manner.
Receipt of the order is confirmed immediately by e-mail.
The order confirmation lists the goods or services ordered, the total purchase price, shipping costs, and other additional costs.
8. Registration for Trusted Shops Buyer Protection
In the online shop you can register to benefit from Trusted Shops' Buyer Protection and guarantee. In this way, customers are protected against the financial risk in the event of non-delivery or non-performance of the service or, again, in the event of no refund following the exercise of the right of withdrawal - and this irrespective of the chosen payment method.
9. Quality indices and monitoring
Based on the data transmitted within the scope of each protected purchase, Trusted Shops derives quality indicators in each certified shop. The measurement of quality takes place throughout the duration of membership.
9.1 Reviews on the shopping experience
The customer experience with the online shop shall be rated with an average number of stars between 3.5 and 5 over the last 30 days.
At least 95% of the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection and Guarantee requests must be answered by the online shop within five days.
9.3 Uncontested orders
At least 95 per cent of orders protected by Buyer Protection or the Trusted Shops guarantee must be processed without any dispute, i.e. without any claim for reimbursement of the purchase price as a result of non-delivery or nonrefund after the right of withdrawal has been exercised.

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