The seduction of an anti-hero generates idols

We are in Turin in 1917 and optician Giuseppe Ratti creates the Protector: cutting-edge glasses designed for aviators. The glasses are successful and are adopted by air forces all over the world. Thus was born the Persol brand, an acronym for "Per il sole" (For the sun), consisting of products made from the finest materials, from the crystal of the lenses to the acetates and metals of the frames.

In 1957, model 649 was created: specially designed for Turin tram drivers who needed protection from the air and dust. In 1961, the same model would be worn by Marcello Mastroianni in Divorce Italian Style, sanctioning its success.

In the 1970s, actor Steve McQueen (not surprisingly nicknamed the king of cool) officially conferred legendary status on the Persol 714 model.

When Steve McQueen showed up on the set of The Thomas Crown Case with his pair of Persol 714s, the director decided to integrate them into the stage costume. The glasses become hugely popular, sending sales soaring. The first folding glasses in history thus became a Hollywood icon. The 1980s consecrated Persol, making it a reference point for the fashion world as well.

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